Shred Kelly; Show Review Friday September 2nd, Rockwater, Golden BC

This friday I had the unfortunate incident of having both Broken Down Suitcase and British Columbia’s own  Shred Kelly ON THE SAME NIGHT!  If you want to know my thoughts on BDS’ live performance check out my review from a couple weeks ago.  This is Shred Kelly’s go.

I must openly admit, I only managed to catch the last set, but even that was enough to inspire me to write this review (like it’s my job or something).  One song, I Hate Work, was a foot stomping, chant inducing “good-time” machine that just blast’s through your bones.  And I know that sounds ridiculous, but that’s as well as I can su it up.  Guess i’m still just really stoked.

By the time the encore song came around, the appropriately titled Tornado Alley, I had foot stomped, wall chilled, thrashed, pogo’d and head-banged.  We wore our hearts on our sleeves and our aggression on our shoes, with Shred Kelly leading us ever hypnotic step-of-the-way.  Well done gang.

Photo by Ben Caldwell
Check out Shred Kelly at Kalso Fest in Kaslo BC, October 1st

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