Art Of Flight TRACK LIST

So I’ve been looking and looking and I can’t find it anywhere, so what do I do? I make it myself… here you go!  (Saves you asking me) If you board, share this!

in order of appearance

  • Element l by Defrag
  • Outro by M83
  • Before the Storm by Hendrickson/Dick/Harry
  • Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Nero Remix) by Deadmau5
  • Passion Victim by Oswin Macintosh
  • No Way by The Naked & Famous
  • Ash/Black Veil by Apparat
  • Nowhere to Run by Klaus Badelt
  • Another Day by The Album Leaf
  • Sunday Seance (Loka Remix) by Blockhead
  • Young Blood by The Naked & Famous
  • Motional Resuce_Pulse by Mel Wesson
  • Stark Light by Mel Wesson
  • Sigur 6 (Untitled) by Sigur Ros
  • Intro by M83
  • Iron Clad Lou by Hum
  • Young Men Dead by The Black Angels
  • My Tears are Becoming a Sea by M83
  • Westfall by Okkervil River
  • Chapel Song by We Are Augustines

One Comment Add yours

  1. ppgot2b says:

    Brilliant my friend;)
    Thank you so much,I couldnt find few names of these tracks;)
    Thank ya a lot mate;)

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