Interview- Mobina Galore

The other day, I had the privilege of interviewing Fernie, BC’s own Mobina Galore.  Jenna and Marcia took time out of their busy schedule to sit down and answer a few questions!  Considering this is a band On Our Sleeves once described as sounding “like the White Stripes made love to Teagan andSara while the Bikini Kills watched”, you’ll more than likely want to check them out!

On Our Sleeves- How did Mobina Galore Form?

Jenna- We played in a band before called the Arcade Files, and we basically started coming home late                at night and just jammed.  Then we just kinda threw ourselves out there way to soon (laughts)

Marcia- And sounded horrible.

Jenna- But it was worth it, had to get ourselves out on stage.

Marica- And one of our band members left and we became Mobina Galore

OOS- So it was a conscious necessity to go bassless?

J-Yea exactly.  Our last band we had a keyboard player and she used a lot of synthy bass sounds.             When we lost her, we put the word out in town we needed a bass player, but it wasn’t really working     so we decided to scratch that idea and make our songs work with the two of us.  That’s when I               decided to start looking more into getting effects pedals and an amp to get that kinda bass                   sound.  I was also obsessed with the Black Keys at the time and that made it easy to just go for it.

OOS-What is a Mobina Galore?

M– A comfortable lesbian (laughter)

J– A Mobina Galore is anything you want it to be.  If you take any word and put galore on the end of it,        it’s awesome.

OOS- Like Sean Galore.

J– Yea (laughs) or On Our Sleeves Galore, and when you google our name, we’re the only thing that            pops up.

OOS- So you’re recording a new album or working on new material, tell us a little about that.

J–  Well we decided to do an EP and re-record a few of the songs we have on Revel.  When we first              recorded it, I think we’ve grown quite a bit musically.

M– We are basically going to spend twice the money on an album half the size.

J– And there’s a couple songs that we noticed people like when we played live.  Thick as Thin has              gone over well, as well as Bad Love Song.  Theirs Double Aces, which we played with our old band,      that a lot of our fans ask if it’s on the record, which it’s not, so we’re going to put that on there.

OOS-What type of music is influencing you?

J– I used to listen to a lot of punk rock when I was younger,  and it’s kinda nice to play really fast                songs, fast drum beats, but we’re not a punk band but I get a lot of influence from that.  Like I said I      really like the Black Keys, Tegan and Sara.  We like to listen to a lot of Canadian bands as well.  I like      music that gets people dancing you know.

OOS-You just came back from an East coast tour, and you’re mostly based in the west coast,  is the                scene different so to speak?

J-Living in a ski town and playing in a ski town, its very easy to, I don’t know if impress is the right            word, but, to get a crowd going, because you already have that common life style and they                     appreciate that side of you.  Even going out to Vancouver or Toronto, it’s such a big scene there,            there is a different attitude, because there’s so many people trying to do what your doing.  You              almost have to put on more of a front.

OOS-Would you go East again?

J– Definetly, I would like to go far east.

M– And have way more shows so we can have way more gas money.

J– But that’s the trick, booking the shows. If people don’t know who you are, then they aren’t going to      see your show.  I mean the show in Toronto was really rad.

OOSThe Piston?

J– Yea, we didn’t know anybody but Stellar Radio Choir did.  It doesn’t matter whose bringing the               crowd as long as they are there. And it was fun.

OOS– What was it like to tour with Stellar Radio Choir?

J– It was horrible (laughter)

M-It was easy.

J– Yea it was easy.  They are extremely fun.  They were also new going out east, new territory, and they      were just as stoked with us as we were with them so there was just tonnes of support.

OOS– So you guys are moving to Vancouver, how will this effect the band?

M– Hopefully make us better. (laughs)

J– I feel like in a sense like we are starting from the beginning again.  Like we said before, there are so        many musicians and so many artists trying to make it, we’re really going to have to step it up.  We          just have to get our foot in the door.

OOS– So a lot of your material deals with longing, heart-ache, over-coming odds, etc. Is there a point              were you’re just like ‘I don’t want to share that’?

J– I don’t think ive ever thought or wrote a song to the extent where I’m like ‘ooo that’s not something      i want to share’ but—

M– Like her mom has called and been like ‘is this song about me?’ and Jennas like ‘well I guess but its        not as bad as it sounds.’ I’ve done the same thing to her ‘Is this about me…?’

J– Yea Marc had a complex where she thought every song was all about her.  But I think one song was      (laughs).  Not so many horrible things happen in my life that I need to write about.  My parents got a      divorce and that’s nothing to hide.  And heartbreak? Boo hoo, I haven’t had to deal with that in a            long time.

OOS– When can we expect a new single?

J– Hopefully sometime in the new year.  When we get out to Van our goal is to find a good studio.  We      also have a home studio, a bosse, our goal today is to lay a new track.

You can buy Mobina Galore’s debut LP Revel RIGHT HERE! As well as their FB and Twitter!  Keep posted to On Our Sleeves for more updates and be on the look out for the girls in a town near you!

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  1. Karrera says:

    You Rock!!!

  2. Catehans says:

    Love this band!can’t wait to hear more from them!

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