Steve Jobs. i Thank You.

By now everyone has probably heard about the untimely passing of a truly great individual, Steve Jobs.  His innovations in technology have not only changed the world, but have laid the foundation of how the future will play out.  It goes without saying that, while his technical achievements are vast, what he did for music may potentially outshine them all.

When the iPod was first introduced, it was a hit right out of the box.  Years, or generations later, we have the iPod, iPad, iPhone and even iCarly.  The itunes store has become more than simple online commercial record store, but a straight to the consumer source for mainstream and independent music that would be lost to most ears, let alone the ears of an entire planet.  Canadian act’s like Feist and even her producer Gonzales, have had their music featured predominately in ‘i’ related commercials.  We’ve even got the term ‘apple store’ indie.  Any band, big or small, was now given an easy way to distribute music, and every music lover, an easy way to get it.

Even the way we listen to music changed.  As the iPod became smaller and smaller, we could take our music further and further.  To the peak of a highest mountain, down to the sandiest beaches, our lives now had a soundtrack.  By revolutionizing the way we consumed music, Jobs evolved the way we heard it.  It was no longer about albums, or even singles.  A song could exist as a separate entity. Albums no longer had to be a certain length just to fill the gap.  Look at Joanna Newsom’s Have One on Me, or Robyn’s Body Talk EP’s.  Even Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster.  All unconventional artists releasing music in to suit their unconventional needs.  Artist no longer had to fear record companies, record companies could now fear the artist.

But it was more than how music was distributed, or even how it was heard.  The iPod created an image.  One that, no matter who you were in the world, your iPod was yours, and whatever you have on your iPod is YOU.  Besides, why keep something that isn’t ‘you’?  There’s just not enough room for it.

So what happens now?  Where does the world go from here?  It’s uncertain.  What we do know, is that Job’s left Apple in good hands, the question is, what will Apple do without his?  Rest in peace Steve Jobs, it’s not an easy task changing the world, you deserve a rest.

So... What'd ya think?

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