Interview with Golden’s Paige Ellerton and Taj Manhas

Living in a small town definitely has it’s advantages.  There is hardly a line-up at the grocery store, you know who doesn’t belong in a bar, and you get to be on the ground floor when witnessing great, undiscovered talent.  Case in point, Golden British Columbia’s own Paige Ellerton, a recent high school graduate and Taj Manhas, currently a senior in high school.  I sat down with them the other day at the local coffee-house to discuss their upcoming performance at The Crooked Antler this Friday, October 14th in Golden BC.

OOS: How long have you guys played for?

Paige: I’ve been singing since I was four and I’ve played guitar for a couple of years.

Taj: I was on and off growing up, I didn’t really get into till last year.

OOS: So you’re both from Golden?

Taj: I am.

Paige: I grew up in Ontario.  I was born in Hanover, by accident actually, it was just where my mom was located at the time.

OOS: What brought you to Golden?

Paige: My family moved out here, we’re immigrants I guess.  (laughs)

OOS: What type of music do you emulate?

Paige: I kind of make my own stuff, I kind think its country, cute folksiness, and if I do covers I kind of try to expand in different areas.

Taj: I play lots of guitar, I sing, piano drums and for this I do what my voice suits.

OOS: Do you have a preferred instrument?

Taj: For this, guitar.

OOS: How long have you been playing piano?

Taj: I taught myself piano this year.

OOS:  When did you first start working together?

Taj: This is our first time.

OOS: Do you write together?

Taj: I do covers, Paige writes her own.

Paige: Pretty much I could do two hours of my own stuff.

OOS: When did you first start writing?

Paige: Grade 8, and I’ve graduated now.

OOS: Congrats, are you still in high school?

Taj: I’m in grade 12.

OOS: How do you like it?

Both: It’s boring (laughter)

OOS: Are you going to college?

Taj: I’m going somewhere in Calgary, trying to get a degree in Kinesiology.

OOS: So you do covers, what are your influences?

Taj: Tyler Ward, he is a YouTube artist-

Paige: -and Boyce Avenue.

Taj: and Boyce Avenue a little bit, but for me Tyler Ward is what really got me starting to play music again, and what got me performing.

OOS: So what songs will you be playing on Friday?

Paige: a few.

Taj: Journey- Don’t Stop Believing, Fireworks- Katy Perry.

Paige: Blame it on the Rain by He is We, Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie.

Taj: We’re going to do Lean on Me.

Paige: Are we?  (laughs) We haven’t practiced that one.

OOS: So is music something you want to keep going with?

Paige: I would love to make it my life, hobby, goal; make a living from it.

OOS; You are both underage, how do you feel about the lack of all ages shows in golden?

Paige: I hate it, I was talking to a lady and asking if she had jams here, and she was like ‘you can goto the bars here, they have open mics’ and I was like ‘yeaaa I can’t do that… I’m 17’ and she was like ‘you’re not missing out’ but I feel like I am, and that’s just me, because I’m a little young, I can’t get in there.

Taj: I personal feel fine with it, to be honest.  Our high school started to do jam sessions.

Paige; I started it in grade 10 (laughs)

Taj: And yea, I’m comfortable with that and that’s where you can go and just sing.

OOS: High school can be hard, do you find, being musically talented, you have to hide it or is your school open to that?

Taj: I think it’s becoming more open, I personally know people who are afraid to show it, afraid of what people might think, which I can see, because, I was when I first started last year.

Paige; I think with Golden Secondary School, it’s such a small school and everyone knows everyone and everyone knows pretty much everyone’s talent.  It comes out in like grade 10 or 12; you grow up with those people.  Everyone’s artistic.

Taj: Everyone is supportive there, you could be the worst singer, and you’ll still get cheers.  Everybody knows how hard it is to go up there.

OOS: Paige what do you listen to, what’s on your iPod right now?

Paige: Dev, I listen to a lot of rave and techno right now, but for music, aspirations, I’d say Adele.  Love Pink, she’s so like ‘this is me’.

OOS:  I think that’s the name of one her albums? (laughs)

Taj: This is me?  (laughs)

Paige: She makes me not want to be shy about who I am.  People can accept me if they want to.  I think I’m starting to create a personality now that I’m on my own.  I don’t care what people think anymore.

OOS: How did you guys get the show at Crooked Antler?

Paige: I know Mike Pecora, and he is a fan of me, and he took me to Crooked Antler and was like ‘this is Paige, do you have any shows coming?’ So I gave them my contact information and been popping in once in a while.

OOS: What is your favourite song to play, either together or separately?

Taj: For me it’s kind of tough, but I always start off with Behind Blue Eyes

OOS: By Limp Bizkit? (laughs)

Taj; (Laughs) Well, Lights, they did a cover of that as well.

Paige: When I practice with Taj my favourite song is Fireworks by Katy Perry and my favourite song I’ve written is one called Perfect Smile

OOS: And will you be playing that on Friday?

Paige: I may try to sneak it in (laughs)

OOS: What time does the show start on Friday?

Paige: 7pm but if you want a seat, 6:30.

OOS: So I’ll just end with one question, are you guys excited?

Paige: I am, very!

Don’t forget to come out and support some local talent this Friday October 14th!  This is an all ages show! Doors At 6:30, show at 7pm and it’s by donation, so please be charitable!

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  1. Shauna says:

    Sweet!!!! :)

  2. Jan says:

    Looking forward to it!

  3. taylor says:

    Just a couple corrections: it’s Boyce Avenue and Mike Pecora.

  4. tonelli says:

    made those, cheers!

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