What I’m Listening Too | Drake ~ Take Care

While it may have leaked awhile ago (and Drake was totally okay with that), Take Care officially drops today.  It’s been awhile since I posted anything (the blogosphere has been soooooo boring), and even longer since I recommended an album, but Take Care is one that should be on everyone’s list.  Self-assured, introspective and deeply personal, Drake’s sophomore album definitely bucks the slump.  It’s easy to dismiss Drake as a protege or ‘that kid from Degrassi’ but anyone who says that, clearly hasn’t heard this album.  This isn’t a gangster album, this is a love letter to regret, loss and mistakes.  Marvin’s Room for example, which was recoreded in the same studio that Marvin Gaye recorded Here, My Dear, has Drake calling an ex for a booty call, knowing full well he can, and will ruin her current relationship, all while feeling horrible about it.  This isn’t NWA.

That’s not to say the whole album is a downer, on the contrary.  Tracks like HYFR and Headlines are more than suitable for a snowboarding mix. Thank’s to Drake, along with Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, and Lil’ B, 2011 will go down in history as the year hip-hop changed, for the better.



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