On Our Sleeves Special: So You Want to Twitter…

People sometimes get real mad at my posts because they have no idea what the hell twitter is.  Then they either post angrily on my wall (Ali) or ask how they can be a better browser (Jen).  So here is a lil’ help and a jump off point to the wonderful world of twitter! While it can be polarizing at first, the reality is that it’s complex only in it simplicity. But once you enter the world, their is no going back. Twitter has become the high school of our generation. Afterall, Osama’s death was tweeted b4 anything else!

Now let’s start with the basics. The object of twitter, is to ‘follow’ people, topics and websites that interest you. This will turn your twitter account into a buffet of links in which you can spend days shuffling through, collecting as much cultural relevance as you can handle.

The more you post, the more followers YOU will get. People have gotten famous simply because of a twitter account! For example ‘Shit my Dad Says’ was simply one guy tweeting what his dad says. Now let’s move on to how you USE twitter.

When you use an ‘@’ followed by a word, you are referencing someone’s account. Similar to how you tag someone in an FB post. So when I say ‘@clarissaem’ I was posting on my friend Clarrisa’s twitter wall. This means that she, and everyone who follows her will see it.

now the ‘#’ or hashtag as it’s called, is a little different. This can be anything you want it to be. I’ll follow this up in just a moment.

But first! Let’s create a post to see how it all comes together!

Let’s assume you have an account and your user name is ChristopherTighe.  Let’s say I was asking you if you were excited to ride this season at Kicking Horse. let’s assume kicking horse is KHMR. The goal of this post is to reach yourself, your followers, and those who follow Kicking Horse as well.

I would go on twitter, create a new post and type ‘@ChristoperTighe stoked for pow @KHMR this year?’

Simple right? But I’m not done, I want to Hashtag. Why hashtag? Its kind of like the punchline of the digital age. This also branches out my post to other twitter users who are looking for similar topics. Since my post is obvious, you ARE stoked, i’m going to make a little joke:

‘@ChristoperTighe stoked for #pow @KHMR this year? #duh’

Now # is more than just a punchline, it’s a whole ‘trend’.  The more common the # the more popular it will become.  Using common # will result in what is called trending.  This will give you ideas on what to tweet and how to gain more followers.

For example: #FF is ‘follow friday’.  Every Friday ppl use the #FF followed by names of people the user feels you should follow.  It would look something like this: “#FF @OnOurSleeves”

Other popular trends are: #twitterafterdark #firstworldproblems #comics #movies

And that’s how twitter works! The more you use it, the better it gets. Go online, find people who interest you, and follow them. Ill give you some links to get you started!


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