Check Out~ Dan Mangan

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling a little under the weather (pity party), but Vancouver’s Prodigal Folk Rocker, Dan Mangan, has been sounding pretty, pretty.  Now, this isn’t some new discovery, i’ve posted about him before, but Mr. Mangan’s blissfully majestic Nice, Nice, Very Nice has been a playlist staple for the past year. His new album, Oh Fortune, is on the fast track to permanent iPod status. So it goes without saying: people really need to check him out!  So here is my plea, if you like your music with a light exterior, but a wounded core, like some sort of folkie tootsie pop, then get listening. Like a good artist, his music is streaming FREE… HERE! Road Regrets video below… try not wanting to commute to this!

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  1. Thanks for the intro to Dan Mangan! Hadn’t heard of him before, but shall get listening straight away… Great recommendation!

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