I did a show review a few months back for these guys, and nothing has changed. From Fernie, BC, Shred Kelly’s live performances have become something of legend. I can honestly say that mosh pitting at a folk show is quite uncommon, so I was stunned as I charged head first like an asshole into the ring :D. All kidding aside, it is impossible for anyone to walk into a venue and not instantly become taken away with the atmosphere the band has created. Combining the heartfelt sincerity of Mumford & Sons, and the rambunktiousness of Flogging Molly, Shred Kelly’s brand of self-appointed ‘Stoke Folk’ is definitely not something to miss. And like any good band, you can sample them for FREE, HERE!  Added bonus video from Green Couch Session’s below! 

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  1. 印鑑 デザイン ブランド 通販 本物

  2. Thank you KB. I try to be a friendly, approachable artist. Not like that jerk, da Vinci,LikeLike

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