Schoolboy Q | Habits & Contradictions- What I’m Listening Too

If last year was any indication in regards to progression of rap, then 2012 seems to be starting out just fine. Here was lil’ ol’ me, blasting down a mountain bumpin’ Rick Ross’ new mixtape unawares that a week later my sonic soundscape would drastically change.  Schoolboy Q, a member of the Black Hippy Crew, released his second independent album, Habits & Contradictions on the strength of a great lead in single and this outstanding album cover (see above), yet what makes it so appealing?

Schoolboy Q, aka Quincy Matthew Hanley, is something of a chameleon rapper.  His ability to change his style on the fly makes him one of the most unique artists in the game.  That’s not to say he loses his sense of individuality, on the contrary, this gives him layers that few rappers could even dream about.  On top of that, the album itself is deceptively dark, dealing with the hopelessness and violence that now seems so cliche.  Yet, it never becomes bogged down or polarizing due to the delivery in which each track is presenting.

Now this wouldn’t mean anything if the beats weren’t there, which, by the way, they are.  From the western twanged samples of Sacrilegious, down to the hazy, oxy induced slither of Druggys with Hos, the album just churns out banger after banger.  Check-out the new video for Nightmare on Figg St. which just premiered today below!  Purchase the album HERE!

So... What'd ya think?

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