Mobina Galore- Skeletons EP

Change is a curious thing. While some bands seem to embrace it, others can collapse under the weight of it. Last summer, Jenna Priestner and Marcia Hanson decided to leave small town Fernie, British Columbia and head further west to the vast mini-metropolis that is Vancouver. Last summer also saw the release of their independant debut album, Revel. Now, almost one year later, the dynamic duo release their follow up EP entitled Skeletons.

With Skeletons, Mobina Galore aren’t afraid to show their bones, pun intended. While Revel suffered from an admitted rushed studio time, Skeletons is a more focussed and ultimately, more enjoyable affair. The EP, a blazing 5 songs long, wastes no time kicking things off as the opening track Mistake, instantly hooks you and never let’s go.

Front woman Jenna’s voice sounds not only more confident, but a lot more self assured, filling her lungs with a ‘like it or leave it’ really shines through. Take Me Away, the bands ode to not knowing your next step, see’s Jenna pissed off and proud. Following that up with the completely melodic and needlessly catchy Years of Lies, Jenna’s not only grown vocally, but lyrically as well. Also, Jenna’s riffs, spefically on Hear Me Out, are spot-on. Simple and to the point, she’s not here to waste anyone’s time.

But that only cover’s half the band, and while Jenna may let you hear the snarl, Marcia’s drumming let’s you feel it. I’m admittedly a little under educated when it comes to the progression section of any band, I tend to relate more lyrically, yet when Marcia rolls her snare and and crashes her symbols, one can not help but bang their head. Marcia’s drumming commands you listen to what her and her band-mate have to say whether you want to or not.

It’s ironic that the EP is titled Skeletons, because this is anything but a barebones release. Aggressive, harmonic and featuring some of the band’s deepest tracks, Mobina Galore’s move to Vancouver not only allowed them to reel in their influences, but also allowed them to rise above them.

Skeleton’s is out June 15th 2012.

Check-out the EP’s lead in Track Mistake right HERE!

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