Metric ~ Synthetica

I remember way back in 2005 when I was at a Bloc Party show in Toronto, Emily Haines was standing next to me in the bar, and I was star struck. Here she was, poster of a girl, in the flesh. It was a brief and amazing moment in my otherwise dull life. I didn’t speak to her, (how do you talk to someone you have news paper clippings of hanging on your wall), but even doing nothing, she has presence.

Now 6 years later, Metric returns with their fifth studio album, Synthetica. Produced by band mate and guitarist Jim Shaw, Synthetica finds Metric at the top of their game. Most bands fizzle, burn-out or break up before they hit a fifth album, hell, most fans stop listening to any band two albums ago, Synthetica might just be Metric‘s best album yet.

So how does that work? Well, for one thing, talent. Emily Haines and Jim Shaw have crafted nearly perfect rock songs with enough catchy hooks to turn even the most jaded fan’s head. Even I kind of gave up after Fantasies. But the albums lead single, Youth Without Youth had me at hello.

The albums opening line is ‘I’m just as fucked up as they say’, which is simple, and more importantly, relatable. Right off the bat, you and the band are on the same page. There’s even a duet with Lou Reed on the stand-out track The Wanderlust, which after last years Metallica debacle, even helps redeem Reed himself.

Synthetica is a must have for any fan of pop-rock, but more importantly for Metric fans who worried how the band would age. The answer? They feel like they are just getting started all over again.

So... What'd ya think?

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