Hey Jen Guess What?!

While you were out, your friends and people who don’t even know you, went crazy trying to make sure you got to see the XX in Sydney. So after e-mails, false starts, and international phone calls, guess what… We got you a ticket!! Congrats Jenna Kuhn. You earned it. Here is the FB event we made that brought people all over the world together just for you! Way to be rad lad!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Gypsy Jen says:

    WOW!!!!! Needless to say i am absolutely blown away by this (And totally STOKED)! Here i was bitching and moaning that i missed out on tickets for The XX, abusing scalpers at their prices and my god damn friends were plotting behind my back You guys are amazing.. i am very very blessed to have the people that i do backing me through lifes struggles making up for the darkness i suffered. Maybe the world isn’t so doomed after all.. nothing like some good old fashioned kindness from some beautiful strangers.. i cannot express my gratitude.. Peace and Love GypsyJ X x

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