Check-out ~ Purity Ring

I love when a band get’s me so stoked for a debut album that I do whatever it takes to get their songs on in my greedy lil’ paws. I did this with Sleigh Bells when they were nothing but a little blip on a blog page, and now we have Purity Ring.

The Edmonton duo, consisting of Megan James on vocals, and Corin Roddick providing the tunes, have been all over the bloggosphere, even burning up the charts over at CBC Radio 3. I actually get excited whenever a track comes on, even if it’s me whose playing it. With lyrics like ‘come a little closer; let me fall; cut into my sternum; and pull; my little ribs around you’ melodically layered over new-wave R&B beats, Purity Ring is defienitly an act to watch for.

Their debut album, Shrines, will be released July 24th on Last Gang Records.

So... What'd ya think?

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