Great article : Damian Wayne’s Greatest Hits

SPOILERS! (Only if you’ve been living in your own Bat-cave that is…)

It was a bold move for writer Grant Morrison to introduce an illegitimate love-child to Bruce Wayne, but then again Grant Morrison is a bold man (is bold the word I’m looking for?). Even bolder still was Grant Morrison’s decision to cap off his eight year Bat-Epic with the death of Bruce Wayne’s only son.

When Damian Wayne, aka Robin, was first introduced to the pages of Batman by Morrison results were mixed. Damian was an apple that had fallen far from the tree, basically he was a smart ass with a dark side and perpetual stick up his butt. Yet over the years Damian grew to be so much more than that. His darker outlook and confrontational attitude turned out to be a breath of fresh air that the Bat-franchise sorely needed.


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