Reevaluate This: Speed Racer

f one goes and peruses the oeuvre of the Wachowski Siblings they will likely come across a film that sticks out like a sore thumb. Between the Matrix Revolutions and Cloud Atlas lies the critical and box office disasterSpeed Racer. The label of disaster is not only unfair, but it is completely inaccurate.

Speed Racer is an absolute visual feast. While some of the sets and props are practical, the majority of the world is created through CGI and green screen. By fully embracing the artifice of its fantastical visuals, Speed Racer crafts a hyperreality. Every frame is drenched in neon streaks and candy colored hues. The phrase “cartoon like” or “cartoonish” has been bandied about recently with the release of GI Joe: RetaliationbutSpeed Racer is truly a cartoon come to life. Along with the wonderfully vibrant palette of each scene, the Wachowski’s employ every technique available to them including a free wheeling virtual camera, mind boggling angles, and even flattening the frame during the racing sequences to create a 2D aesthetic. All of these visual techniques coalesce to create a beautiful, live-action cartoon hybrid.


A great flick, so underrated

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