Superman Unchained Takes Superman Back to Basics

And the World is Better For it

This week undoubtedly marks one of the biggest weeks in the 75 year history of Superman. Not only is the character finally getting a movieworthy of his greatness, but DC Comics actually had the wherewithal to let one of their best writers tackle the world’s most popular comic book character. With Superman Unchained, DC is hoping to tap into writer Scott Snyder’s undeniable talent to bring their character back to forefront of comic pages after tumbling so far down since the New 52 took place. Sure, Snyder was a good choice, but just to be safe they hooked him up with the one and only Jim Lee. So is Superman Unchained the New 52 story we’ve been waiting for, or do two industry giants fail to live up to our own lofty expectations?


So... What'd ya think?

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