I judge my work quite harshly and I’m sure most creative people do as well. However just today I received an e-mail that I forgot would even come. More so, I thought the e-mail would say something different. I am stoked to announce that One More Soul, my first official comic and series has been accepted to Comixology. With this a whole new audience is opened up for us and I am extremely humbled, nervous and ecstatic all at once.

What started as a little note in my iPhone I made on a bus ride to Cranbrook has taken a life far beyond what I ever expected. I can’t wait to see where the book takes us next… in January :D

Be sure to check-out James’ website and offer a congrats to him for all his hard work. Also be sure to give yourselves a pat on your back as we could not have done this without you!

Oh, and I will keep you posted when we get our official release date. In the meantime check One More Soul #1 out HERE!


So... What'd ya think?

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