The Process of Comic Writing: Part 02

Welcome back to the second part of my series on Comic Writing. Last week we focused on some essential books to point young writers in the right directions. Today I will be posting some useful websites and communities that have helped me plan my attack. We will start with Podcasts.


Podcasts are handy because you can, obviously, just play them in the background while you work. As always preferential tastes may influence your listening needs, the ones I am linking are some of my favorites.

CE_podcast_logoThe Comics Experience Podcast is extremely helpful as it covers a wide variety of topics. For information, this is the go to place. Check it out HERE.


While The Process may no longer be running, it’s interesting to hear Kurtis Wiebe’s career take off as the podcast progresses. This Podcast provides great advice on scripting, juggling time schedules and some great reading recommendations. Check it out HERE.

Fatman on Batman is my personal favourite. Director Kevin Smith’s interviews a number of comic writers, artists and celebrities. And in typical View Askew fashion, the content is relevant, humorous and NSFW. Check it out HERE.


For the more outgoing writer out there check out these extremely friendly places where you can find artists to work with, people to talk to and maybe even make a friend!



Jim Zub’s Tutorials: Everything you would ever ask is here. Please, please, please bookmark and read this page!

Next week: I will dive into the actual writing process. Assuming you’ve done your homework ;)