Out now!

ONE MORE SOUL– Guy loses girl. Guy does whatever it takes to save her soul. Part 2 out in January 2016

WINTERISMS– A look into the fantastic/fanatic side of winter! Fun for the whole family!

Coming Soon/Pitches

SONG OF DESTINY- One Band’s epic quest to travel across Canada and save the world.

TRAPPED- The Great Depression. 1931. Northwest Territories, Canada where notorious outlaw Albert Johnson’s tragic life ends in a hail of gunfire as the Royal Canadian Mounted police end their 5 week, blood soaked man hunt across the freezing arctic. Based on the incredible true mystery of The Mad Trapper of Rat River.

Bloodlines- What if you could harness the powers of your ancestry?

Timmy’s- What happens when 3 best friends all lose their job in Alberta? They set their sights on the biggest prize in Canada: A truck full of Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim cups.



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